We continue our way to become a global brand with our company, which we established in 2018, by knowing that as a result of increasing food demands in our world, the responses of the capitalist economic system to these demands are an immeasurable threat to human health, in the light of our respect and love for animals, we put the Vegan philosophy in our main frame and produce sustainable, organic, healthy and delicious foods.
In this Organic-Vegan adventure, which we started with our vegetable fettuccine pasta, we are laying the foundations of our new products every day, with our research and development efforts, and we look forward to meeting you.

Our Production Process

Organic wheat flour, which is one of the raw materials of our Fettuccine pasta, is obtained from wheat with high protein, grown according to international organic standards in the Thrace region and around Kars/Turkey. It arrives to our factory according to the organic transportation principles, is passed through the required testing and screening stages and taken into the production process.

Organic vegetables, which are our other raw material, are grown in its season under our control in the Aegean region, by our contracted farmers in international organic conditions, during the season, are made ready for production in the plants processing on our behalf in the region, and delivered to our factory and taken into production process.
In our production process; we adapt our machines according to traditional rolling out with hands methods, produce our dough with a roller, without touching them, dry them in a long time with the classical Italian drying method and bring them together with you.

Compared to industrial pasta, our doughs are more comfortable to digest since the compression rate is quite low.